NATURAL CIDERS - Cider Village


Cider Village is our own raw material base for making ciders and other beverages based on apples and apple juice, as well as a complete cycle of production of the finished product, from orchard to bottle. Developed agricultural land, thanks to the location around the production site, allows us to produce ciders laying them on fermentation right on the day of harvest. All ciders are made from direct pressed apples, immediately after harvest.


Cider Village is reliability, because our own raw material base allows us not only to produce high quality products, but also makes the company as independent as possible from third-party suppliers, which, as a consequence, provides us with stability in times of crisis and protects not only us, but also our partners from the consequences of economic instability. And also, we have a nursery, which very soon will allow us to create unique drinks.


Our team is dedicated to restoring abandoned orchards and vineyards in different countries. Cider Village Gardens, located in the Alatau Valley since 1932, which has been through a lot of turmoil, became the first site for the start of our project in 2019. In 2023, by merging Cider Village Gardens and Easy Bella Vineyards, EBCV was formed and became the production site for cider and wine.